Recent Before & After Photos

Frozen Pipe Burst in Attic

Freezing temperatures cause  pipes to burst: In this case, the pipe froze in the attic, collapsing the ceiling and causing flooding throughout this Brandon... READ MORE

Frozen Fire Sprinkler System

The extreme cold temperatures that occurred in Mississippi this year was a surprise to everyone. Especially this local Church which had extensive damage to thei... READ MORE

House Fire

After a fire at this Brandon, MS home, SERVPRO of Brandon was called to do the clean up. The before picture shows the extent of damage. The after picture was ta... READ MORE

Water Damage - Burst Pipe

This flooded kitchen in Brandon, MS was a result of a broken pipe in the attic. The water was over an inch deep throughout the kitchen. SERVPRO of Brandon respo... READ MORE

Dry Sponge Cleaning

This home had smoke and soot damage caused by a fire from a hoverboard that was charging next to a bed and caught the mattress on fire. Notice the extent of the... READ MORE

Mold Happens

This Rankin County residence had mold after a water loss from a roof leak. SERVPRO of Brandon Trained and Certified Professionals were called in to asses and re... READ MORE

Water Damage to a Commercial Building

A hose line from the HVAC created several inches of standing water in this local business. SERVPRO of Brandon worked around the clock t... READ MORE

Local Residential Water Damage

This water damage in our local area was caused from a hot water heater and affecting the entire home. The before picture shows the wood laminate flooring that w... READ MORE

Mold Growth

Mold can grow anywhere there is moisture. But, if you can control the moisture then you can control mold. It is important to keep the indoor humidity as low as ... READ MORE

Residential Mold

Residential Mold Remediation | Lincoln NE | Omaha NE | (402) 964-2080 | A1 Mold Testing The delay of an a/c drain pan was the cause of this water damage result... READ MORE