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4/11/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Brandon doing their job on an automobile This vehicle needed thorough and professional experts from SERVPRO of Brandon.

It cannot be said enough that the things that are important to others, are important to SERVPRO of Brandon. Whethera home, business, or possession has high monetary value, or the highest of sentimental value, SERVPRO of Brandon is available 24/7.

Imagine inheriting a car from a loved one, and waking up one day and realizing one of the windows was cracked during a rain storm. Imagine losing all possessions in a hurricane, except for one vehicle with some slightly wet upholstery or carpeting. These scenarios, along with a million others, matter to SERVPRO of Brandon. No matter the object, no matter the size, help will always be available. SERVPRO of Brandon is the clear choice when trained, professional, and caring technicians are needed for all the things that matter.

Cute As A Button

3/14/2022 (Permalink)

There is mold hiding in this bathroom. Even the most lovely of rooms can have hidden things going on.

Since 1967, SERVPRO has been perfecting the restoration business. Years and years of experience has led to an excellent training structure, as well as a strong corporate lead for all franchises. Locally, SERVPRO of Brandon is always the right choice! It is the leadership, training, and experience that always insures all jobs, large or small, are in the right hands.

Many times, home owners or businesses call in with nothing but a feeling and an odor. Descriptions ranging from "definitely mold" to "no guess to what is going on, but something is" are pretty common. To the naked eye, everything may appear the picture of perfection, but SERVPRO of Brandon professionals know just what to do in such situations. For over 50 years, SERVPRO has been entrusted with the restoration needs of homes and businesses all over. The trained caring professionals at SERVPRO of Brandon can help with all restoration needs.

Take Me Out To The Ballgame

3/11/2022 (Permalink)

Cleaning begins at our own Trustmark Park! SERVPRO of Brandon supports all of our local teams, and are honored to be trusted by Trustmark Park for their cleaning needs!

SERVPRO of Brandon is always ready to hit it out of the ballpark on each and every job! Especially when those jobs mean helping an American family tradition like baseball gamesget back into full swing! Often referred to as America's favorite pastime, baseball has a fascinating and rich history.

It is thrilling to have the Mississippi Braves right here in our own backyard, and it's an honor that they trust SERVPRO of Brandon with all the needs at Trustmark Park in Pearl Mississippi. Whether it's a mess from a leaky toilet, or a deep clean on the carpet in their public spaces and offices, our trained professionals are always ready to go. We love our Braves, and support them in every way that we can!

Be A Professional In The Kitchen

3/9/2022 (Permalink)

A stove that was involved in a house fire. A cookbook placed on an eye that was still hot started a fire in this house.

There are so many warnings about cooking fires, and with good reason. Cooking fires rank high, if not first, on many experts'lists of causes of house fires and fire deaths. Unattended cooking being stated as the number one cause of cooking fires.

It is also important to note that cooking should be done slowly and attentively. Preparing meals is something that becomes so routine that it is easy to forget how dangerous it can actually be. It is best to limit distractions, especially when cooking with open flames, even though electric burners and ovens can ignite almost just as quickly. An open flame is very obvious when it is on or off, but electric burners can stay very hot long after they've been turned off. It is important to never try and cook under the influence of any alcohol or medications that may affect decision making skills.

If a home has been affected by a fire, let the professionals at SERVPRO of Brandon come in and make it "Like it never even happened."

Grab A Towel

3/9/2022 (Permalink)

Small amounts of water lead to a large discovery! There wasn't much visible water at this job, but there was a much bigger problem going on with the plumbing.

Usually when people think about SERVPRO, they think about catastrophe. Often, a large restoration company like SERVPRO can be seen onsite after majorfires, floods, and natural disasters. Not so much when a small puddle appears in a residence. How many times are the words "Honey, grab a towel" used every day?

SERVPRO of Brandon is ready, willing, and available 24/7 to residential customers, no matter how large or small the job. There is an urgency and an importance to calling on trained professionals any time there is unexplainable water found in a home. More often than not, the tiniest puddle is a warning or an indicator of a larger problem, or a problem yet to come. SERVPRO of Brandon knows this, and they have the experience, training, and knowledge to move forward with what is in the home's best interest.

Do Not Enter

3/8/2022 (Permalink)

A toilet that had a sewer backup This home had a sewage backup, and had to be made safe for inhabitants by SERVPRO of Brandon professionals.

Waste disposal from the home is a crucial part of maintaining a sanity living environment. The connection between homes and sewer systems can become damaged or obstructed over time, sending waste in the wrong direction. The main sewer line can back up into structures through toilets or drains and cause unbearable messes that can be a serious health hazard. This situation is completely different from common clean water leaks, which can happen from many sources.

Fortunately, the professionals at SERVPRO of Brandon are experts in handling hazardous situations from sewage backups. SERVPRO employees are trained to safely and efficiently remove and sanitize homes and businesses that have been affected by any and all biohazards. Time is of the essence when the health of families and employees are at risk by exposure to the danger found in sewers! Call 601-829-2162!

There's Something In The Attic

3/8/2022 (Permalink)

Wet insulation and sheetrock crashed down. This home had ceilings in multiple rooms become wet and crash down into living spaces.

Heavy storms can cause wind and rain to become so powerful they can cause roof damage in the blink of an eye. In the midst of the storm, huge amounts of rain can come rushing inthrough that roof damage, and into a home.

Attics can be used for storage, but a lot of attics just seem like mostly empty spaces. Attics are in between the roof and the living spaces of a home, and unfortunately these spaces won't do much to stop large amounts of rainwater. They also make it hard to see some damage until it's too late. As desolate as they may seem, when the ceiling crashes down in the living space, it is then seen just how much goes into an attic space.

Besides stored belongings, sheetrock, debris, and insulation can come crashing down into a home before the inhabitants even knew there was a problem. This is also a barrier breakthat allows the outdoors and all it's water inside the living spaces.

Call us today if storm damage has had a domino effect at home, or at a business. SERVPRO of Brandon is available 24/7!

The Show Must Go On

3/8/2022 (Permalink)

Seats and floors get ready for a new crowd. SERVPRO of Brandon is prepared to handle any situation in large theatres or auditoriums.

Everyone loves good entertainment, especially when it comes to live performances. Local theatres are treasured by their communities for the multitude of events that take place there. Whether it's a favorite play, or a world-renowned rock band, theatres attract large crowds thrilled to be entertained. Large numbers of people can (and usually do) mean large messes. Dedicated custodians work hard to keep such local treasures ready for the next event, but sometimes wear and tear can extend beyond the boundaries of what even the best maintenance crew can handle.

SERVPRO of Brandon specializes in taking up where others leave off. From wall to wall, ceiling to floor, and everything in between, there isn't much that cannot be sanitized, cleaned, restored, or repaired. The trained employees at SERVPRO of Brandon can and will do it all to ensure the shows go on. Call us at 601-829-2162!

Everything Cannot Be Replaced

3/1/2022 (Permalink)

Always check condition of drains! The condition of this drain allowed for more debris, and unfortunately sent water into a local business.

The outside of businesses should be inspected just as often as the inside. For what is going on outside could become catastrophic to the inside in only a matter of minutes. If something goes wrong indoors during business hours, employees are usually very quick to notice, but how often are employees inspecting for potential problems outdoors?

A sudden downpour and neglected drains is a combination that could prove disastrous. Water will find somewhere else to go if the planned path is blocked. If a business is in the way of that water flow, all merchandise is at risk. Rushing water doesn't discriminate in all the damage it causes.

It is very important to inspect all the things surrounding a business that were put in place to protect it from water. Gutters and drains should always be checked periodically, and kept clear of debris.

SERVPRO of Brandon is the best choice if water invades a business! Restoring merchandise rather than replacing it makes a huge financial difference, as well as the impact on goods that simply cannot be replaced. Call 601-829-2162 for professional restoration.

Our Heroes

2/17/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Brandon getting this clinic back to business Suffering a water loss can shut down the most vital of services.

The world has gone through many changes the last couple years. It would be fair to say that healthcare professionals have been on the front lines battling for the common good. People need them more than ever, but what happens when a water event threatens the ability to provide care?

From sprinkler systems to public restrooms, and everything in between, water can shut down even the most vital of services. It is important to choose trained professionals, like the ones at SERVPRO of Brandon, to limit closure time. Available 24/7, be assured that SERVPRO of Brandon can get things back to business as soon as possible.

Professional, thorough, and timely are what businesses need when a disaster occurs. Especially those businesses in the business of saving lives! Call us at 601-829-2162!